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Asda - Bootle

Client: Asda
Contractor: Bowmer and Kirkland Limited
Architect: Aedas Architects Limited

A prime example of sustainable development is the recent store initiative by one of the leading supermarkets.

ASDA were tasked to design a new low carbon store in response to Wal-Marts global environmental challenges. The central aim was to design and open a viable store that is 25-30 % more efficient and will produce up to 30 % fewer greenhouse gas emissions within the next 4 years

The Bootle store has been built using low carbon and sustainable materials and embraces new mechanical, electrical and refrigeration technologies such as a ground source heat pump, underfloor heating and cooling and a biomass boiler. ASDA’s overall aim is to reduce energy and wastage during construction but also, most importantly to reduce energy consumption during the stores operation.

The Kalzip aluminium standing seam roof was designed with north lights and sun pipes to improve the spread and quality of natural daylight which in conjunction with active lighting controls will save 10% of the energy used for lighting the store. An area of green roof which reduces rainwater run-off and a rainwater collection system for re-use has also been incorporated.

The walls were constructed with Eurobond mineral cored composite panels which were then enhanced with timber cladding.

The stores operation will be monitored over the coming years to help to inform future generations of stores.

Asda -  Bootle

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