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Supply Chain and Logistics

Hathaway site managers credit our success with large & complex projects to careful logistical planning. Behind the scenes for every site manager is a planner, designer, buyer, operational co-ordinator and our dedicated in-house fabrication facility.

Hathaway maintains all the elements for continued success with large and complex projects.

The Hathaway purchasing team can call on the resources of an extensive supply chain at any time to ensure the smooth progression of Hathaway projects.

We have long standing relationships in our supply chain, built up over many years. Hathaway suppliers provide expertise, quality materials and an innovative and pro-active approach. They are a vital part of the overall service supplied by Hathaway to our clients.

Our weekly call off system ensures that materials are delivered to site on time to meet site requirements.

Our supply chain understands our requirements to meet our client's expectations.

We work closely with our site operations to ensure efficient and smooth running logistics to meet client demand.

Considering our suppliers to be part of the Hathaway team is a key component to Hathaway’s continued success.

We can offer the following services through our supply chain.

  • Mansafe systems
  • Cat ladders
  • Walkways
  • Fixed/Free standing handrails
  • Syphonic drainage
  • Specialist louvre systems
  • Specialist on-site aluminium welding for soakers
supply chain

Endorsement from Ryan Murphy - Structural Engineer

"I have received and reviewed your calculations for the roofing at St. Ninian's High School and find them satisfactory. On a side note, one of the best presented CDE calculations I have seen in a while".

Hathaway's Fabrication facilities

We understand that the supply of products of the required quality, on time and in sequence is critical to our on-site teams.

To achieve this we operate specialist production lines. The lines are managed and manned by staff with a continuous improvement philosophy, routinely utilising lean processes to reduce waste and increase flexibility.

We recognise that customer satisfaction is key to our continued success. Read more about our fabrication facilities.


pdfDownload: Hathaway's Lean Initiative Constructing Excellence document.

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